Board Decision Papers

Board decision papers are written documents that help board members fulfill their oversight responsibilities and make informed decisions on company matters. They should be concise yet informative and include a clear executive summary and an appendix to support it.

Considerations to aid directors in making the best decisions about a particular matter may include a discussion of alternative analysis (such as here are the findings techniques like Six Thinking Hats), an overview of the most important metrics such as research data or operating context and competitive insights that offer a clear perspectives, or even an illustration of the effects of each option on the business. It is also beneficial to explain how management came up with the best option. This could include a description of the various options analyzed or a summary of the pros/cons of each option, as well in describing how the suggested approach performed on a variety of factors.

Board documents should be free from legalese and jargon, as well as a formal business writing style employed throughout to make the content relevant and easily accessible to all director. Utilizing graphs and charts helps to simplify information and data trends, as well as break up long blocks of text. It’s recommended to read the documents out in public or with peers to evaluate clarity and make sure that the key issues are communicated. If you’re looking to clarify something, it’s best to ask for feedback or other perspectives from the board.

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