Board Management Software and Board Portals

Board Management Software is a proven way to revitalize boards with improved efficiency production, efficiency and output. Sometimes referred to as Board portals, these software tools enable you to centrally store and share documents for the board and schedule meetings and provide advanced cyber security. They also aid in improving accountability by ensuring that documents from the board are not misplaced in members desktop folders, inboxes or other random locations. A lot of them include features to track tasks, which allow you to track the progress of the task. They can also identify the person responsible for each measurement. This eliminates gray areas and the potential for tasks to slip through the cracks. Voting and survey tools are also available which can assist you with traditional board functions such as agenda item voting, as well as gathering other types of feedback from members in and out of meetings.

The selection of the best Board portal for your company is vital and there are a myriad of things to be aware of. Choose a company that offers group training, support and assistance so that new members are able to learn. Select a solution that includes electronic signatures to eliminate the need for paper signatures and ensure that your files are kept private.

You want a board portal which can be used by more than your board and can be expanded to include committees and other groups of members. For instance, Memorial Health System, an integrated healthcare facility in Ohio and West Virginia, has been capable of expanding the use of Diligent’s BoardEffect to multiple committees as well as internal groups, helping them create additional efficiencies.

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