Choosing a Data Governance Tool

A data management tool can help organizations keep data consistency and reliability and ensure compliance with data regulations. It empowers data stewards, and helps make informed decisions throughout the entire enterprise. It offers a single view of all data and metadata, which allows for easier search and discovery. Its features include data lineage that allows users to trace data’s source and its transformation throughout its life.

Egnyte is a top cloud data governance solution provides robust encryption of files capabilities and security for secure collaboration and sharing of data. The platform is compatible with multiple platforms and CRM systems that allow easy integration with existing workflows. It also supports other data management features such as data cataloging metadata management and data governance. Pricing starts at $10/user/month for the Team plan, a ideal choice for companies seeking to streamline and consolidate data governance.

The most effective data governance software can be adapted to and change with changing requirements. For example tools that are unable to adapt to workflows or develop custom policies and data quality rules is not likely to be successful as the basis for your governance process. To maximise your investment, look for a tool that allows you to modify its functionality in accordance with your requirements for your business.

The right solution will depend on your unique needs and the size of your business. To identify which features are most important, analyze your current data environment as well as your regulatory compliance requirements. Also, take into consideration your business goals. Data discovery and cataloging, Metadata management, compliance and security features are some of the most important aspects to take into consideration.

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