Essential Tips for Virtual Board Meetings

Virtual Board Meetings are an excellent way to eliminate the constraints of physical meetings. Due to time constraints or travel costs, or health issues, a digital setting can lead to more efficient decision-making and streamline communication with your board members. However, like any other board meeting, virtual meetings are not without challenges. To avoid getting behind and losing control of your online board meeting, here are some essential suggestions to be aware of.

A clear set of rules for the discussion will ensure that your virtual board meetings have an efficient flow. This includes determining the best method to garner the group’s interest (i.e. do all members raise their hands for a discussion or do you employ an organized method to get the open floor). It is also essential to establish a structure for the discussion to ensure that everyone is able to contribute equally.

A clear set of guidelines can also help prevent any confusion during the virtual meeting. This can be achieved through clarifying when and how the board chair will acknowledge participants for their contributions, and what they should discuss on each item of agenda. It is crucial that all board members are able to meet with one another in order his response to discuss issues and questions clearly.

A clear set of guidelines will aid in ensuring that board members will be in a position to complete the tasks they are assigned during the board meeting. This can be accomplished by establishing a clear system of task management that will allow board members to update their tasks and find relevant information quickly on the platform.

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