Harnessing Virtual Systems for Your Business

Virtual Systems:

Utilizing this revolutionary technology, you can take your business to a new level of operational efficiency and strategy agility. Through our custom solutions, One Comm helps you make use of virtualization to cut costs, simplify IT management, and virtual systems for your business increase security.

VMs let you share the physical server with several guest machines, increasing the value of your IT hardware while reducing cooling and power. They can be easily transferred between servers or even to the cloud, which gives engineers more flexibility. This is particularly beneficial during peak seasons or in disaster recovery scenarios.

A virtual desktop enables users to work at home or remotely on any device. It also boosts productivity to the cloud. It can be used to test a new operating in a safe sandboxed setting and create backup images so you can recover quicker in the event of a breach or error occurs.

Quicker and easier server deployment and desktop creation lets you concentrate on moving your business forward while reducing the cost of IT. Virtualization allows you to use pre-configured templates to deploy servers in just minutes instead of days or weeks. This lets you increase the speed of your business with less downtime, while also securing important data while also keeping your customers’ trust.

Virtualization helps reduce the chance of costly downtimes through removing the requirement to restart your entire IT infrastructure every time an application is updated. It can also make it easier to restore applications from backups in the event of downtime or loss of data. This powerful solution allows your business to keep up with market trends without compromising data integrity.

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