HBR Presents Expands the Network of Harvard Business Podcasts

HBR Presents is a network of podcasts developed by partners, curated and edited by Harvard Business Review editors. The podcasts cover topics that range from how to become an executive to famous case studies from Harvard Business School. The podcast network builds on the success of HBR’s original podcasts with a total of 2 million monthly downloads. HBR IdeaCast and Dear HBR: continue to be popular podcasts, but they are now accompanied by new episodes that address urgent business issues, for example, managing the future work force and examining the Gig Economy.

HBS faculty interview CEOs as well as technologists and experts to find out what the future holds for businesses in a world dominated by artificial intelligence, robots and rapid growth of Gig Economy. HBR on Leadership features expert interviews on leadership topics, from the skills needed to make tough decisions in the boardroom to how to develop a diverse team.

Bill Kerr, Joe Fuller and others discuss the future of work in this episode. They talk to executives who are battling the forces that are changing the workplace. Guests include Scott Pulsipher, President of WGU which is an online school that focuses on skill-oriented instruction instead of credit hour and democratizes college access. Also, Alan Jope, President of Unilever who discusses his company’s long-standing commitment to a positive impact, which has made it more successful and stronger.

Explore the latest research conducted by HBS scientists, which includes insights on topics ranging from the way your brain works to the way genes impact diseases. Plus, hear experts at the intersection of technology and law on topics such as how to resolve disputes during pandemics, or how AI can improve www.dataroomhub.info/securedocs-virtual-data-room-review/ our health.

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