Secure Online Data Repository

Secure Online Data Repository

Secure data repository is a central database that stores information in a systematic manner. The information is used for analysis of business and decision making by authorized users. The centralized system makes it easier to share and analyze large amounts of information that could otherwise be difficult to manage. A secure data repository can help improve data governance, by ensuring that policies and procedures are followed consistently across various data sources.

A secure data repository that follows the best practices will help your organization speed decision-making as well as improve the quality of data analysis and reporting to improve efficiency, and increase collaboration between departments. It is crucial to identify an advocate at the highest level who can connect with departmental stakeholders and continue to engage them after the solution is in place.

Think about software that can provide encryption at rest as well as during transmission when it comes to safeguarding a Secure Data Repository. This will stop sensitive data from being read and altered by unauthorised users. It’s also a great idea to choose a Secure Data Repository that has access controls, data integrity monitoring and security protocols.

It is recommended that research and study data from clinical research be stored in a special repository built for this purpose. A few examples are Vivli(link is external) which is an institution-wide membership for UCLA researchers, and the NIH-supported Clinical Data Repository (link is external). Both are designed to provide secure long-term storage, data reuse, and accessibility for different communities.

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