What Is a Cross-Game?

When watching any media, it is easy for viewers to develop expectations based on previous experiences. This can result in feelings of disappointment when a show doesn’t perform to the expectations. Cross Game is a shounen which shows that even a simple story of love and baseball can have a a beautiful ending.

The main characters are memorable in their own ways from the four sisters who live on the street to Ko’s best friend Daiki. The small ensemble makes the show memorable. They can add a sense personality and atmosphere to each scene. They www.businessdesk.info/best-oculus-games-2021 can deal with themes like death and love easily and create an additional dimension than you would expect from a simple shonen.

Cross Game is unique because it knows where to pay attention. While the characters are all well developed, there is not a lot of tension or twists that happen throughout each episode. This gives the viewer to take in the development of relationships without being distracted by the need for emotional tension or a plot which is constantly trying surprise viewers with new twists and endings that leave a cliffhanger. The fact that it doesn’t fall into these issues is what makes Cross Game so wonderful, and something that the genre could benefit from more of.

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